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About Us 

Futaba Indiana of America Corp. is a subsidiary of Futaba Industrial Co., LTD, Japan.
FIA was established in October, 2002 and began production in January, 2003 to supply body parts for Toyota's updated 2003 Sienna minivans. 
Originally, FIA was established as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana's (TMMI) weld satellite. The weld satellite concept is a Toyota program to out-source to local suppliers various welding processes related to internal body parts and treat those suppliers as part of their internal process. This is meant to be a powerful implementation of Toyota's Just In Time (JIT) delivery system.  

After the successful launch of the weld satellite project in March of 2004, FIA was awarded Toyota's Excellent Launch Award for the Sienna project.

Currently, FIA has over 760 employees working in two shifts.
Company Profile
Corporate name:  Futaba Indiana of America Corporation  (FIA)
Founded:  October 2001
Fiscal term: March
Capitalization: $10,000,000.00
Head office:

3320 South Keller Rd

Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Main business: Tier 1 automotive parts supplier and manufacturer
Main customers:

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc  (TMMI)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc  (TMMK)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc (TMMTX)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc (TMMMS)

President: Hiroharu Murahashi
Plant Manager : Dave Turpin
Site area (square meters): 121,400 sq m (30 Acres)
Building Area
Office space: 1,096 sq m (11,800 sq ft )
Factory space: 9,832 sq m (105,800 sq ft )
Building total: 10,928 sq m (117,600 sq ft )