The manufacture of automotive body parts on a commercial scale presents many safety concerns. The equipment used can be dangerous if not properly operated; the parts themselves are sharp and sometimes heavy. Repetitive motion and long work hours can also add to the difficulty of maintaining a safe work environment.

Today Futaba Indiana of America's safety, as measured by several different key indicators, is better than ever. With ongoing input from Team Members about how to increase safety through training, process and physical plant improvements we hope to continue this trend.


Futaba Indiana of America is dedicated to ensuring a safe, environmentally friendly workplace for our Team Members and the Community. In addition to the various ongoing safety initiatives mentioned above, FIA achieved ISO 14001 certification on December 28, 2005. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). Since then we have maintained this certification through annual audits.

Below is FIA's environmental policy which was developed as part of the certification process.

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FIA Environmental Policy - English Rev 20

We the team members of Futaba Indiana of America Corporation are committed to:

  • Forecasting, managing and evaluating our impact on the environment based on production activities, products and services which center on welding and stamping automotive parts. We will strive to continually improve our environmental management system by establishing objectives and targets through continual Kaizen activities. These activities will be subjected to scheduled periodic review.
  • Institute an environmental management system that will effectively observe and comply with all applicable Federal, State, and Local environmental regulations and other environmental requirements to which the organization subscribes.
  • Actively promote and continually improve in our commitment to the prevention of pollution. The goal of FIA Corporation is to greatly reduce and/or eliminate all forms of waste generated by our facility. Learning through the promotion of education for environmental awareness and developing public informational activities in order to deepen our team members and the community’s knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.
  • Consider waste reduction in every process we undertake and make the conservation of natural resources one of our top priorities in order to protect the environment, in which we live and work.


FIA's Safety Department also provides an on-site Athletic Trainer for our Team Members. Progressive Health's Athletic trainer is able to provide injury prevention/first aid, assessment of Team Member incidents (work or non-work related) and is a resource for health related topics. There is no charge to FIA Team Members for these services.

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