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Welcome to Futaba Indiana of America Corporation, or FIA. Since 2001, FIA has been a proud member of the Knox County, Indiana business community, currently employing over 700 Team Members. Each day we supply thousands of body weld and other parts to Toyota, with a focus on the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) plant located in Princeton, Indiana. Vehicles we make parts for include Camry, Sienna, Sequoia, Corolla,  Avalon, Lexus RX and the wildly popular Highlander.

Futaba Indiana of America is part of a global network of over twenty manufacturing plants in ten countries on three continents. Headquartered in Japan, Futaba Industrial Corporation, LTD was founded in 1945 and has a rich history of concern for workers, their families and local communities.

A major part of the Futaba work philosophy is to ensure safety, quality and then production. By continuously improving these steps—a process known as Kaizen—every aspect of FIA is constantly improving. We are proud of the hard-working Team Members which power our various departments; each with specialized skills, and a common goal: "Quality Product at Lower Cost."


Environmental Health and Safety

FIA is committed to assuring our Team Members, customers and the community are safe. We are proud of our ever-improving safety record. FIA has maintained ISO 14001 certification since 2009.


Quality is everyone’s job at FIA, and our Quality Department is always monitoring quality for our customer; keeping a close eye on the technical aspects through inspection, measurement and testing.


The Production Department uses projection, MIG, laser and resistance or “spot” welding to assemble component parts into finished parts for shipment to our customer.


Utilizing ten presses of various types and sizes, the Stamping Department takes coils of steel and forms them into parts to be shipped directly to our customer or to be used by the Production Department.


Receiving and unpacking parts from suppliers, moving parts from one location to the other within the plant and assuring that finished parts are properly packaged and shipped in a timely fashion are some of the duties of the Logistics Department.


Keeping all of the equipment in the plant running smoothly is the responsibility of our Maintenance Team.

Futaba Indiana of America Corporation (FIA) offers a wide variety of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES from the business professional to the entry-level laborer. For the hard-working Team Members that make our company what it is today, we offer great pay and an exceptional BENEFITS PACKAGE that competes with any other company in Southeastern Indiana.

"Fast-paced" and "team-oriented" are just a few of the words that describe the kind of CAREERS we offer at FIA. We are looking for self-motivated, hard-working people who are as committed to excellence as we are, and who want to be part of a company that allows them to achieve a whole new level of success in their career and their life. You will find that, in return for your commitment to us, FIA offers many opportunities for personal and professional advancement from within our growing company.


Our most valuable asset at FIA is our Team Members. We are proud of their hard work and dedication. Below are quotes from some of our Team Members. You can learn more about FIA by watching our testimonial video on Facebook.

"I learn different things every day from the people I work with. It's good to come to work; it's like a second family."

"The more we stay here, the more money we make. That's something we're all looking for...and this is the right place."

"It has helped me in a lot of ways. They have good benefits and insurance. The pay isn’t bad either, I plan on working here for a very long time to come."

Alan 6-30-22

Alan Limbach,

Stamping Department Team Leader

Oscar Ruano, Production Department Team Member, Futaba Indiana of America

Oscar Ruano,

Quality Inspector, Quality Department

James London 2

James London,

Production Department Team Member